Fresh From the Field

I had just touched down on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula  from Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.   For nearly 2-weeks I worked in intense SE Asian monsoons and 100% humidity only to be met with more soggy conditions in the PNW. 

But to be perfectly honest, I love shooting in the rain.  I’ll take soft, moody lighting over glaring sunshine any day.  Unfortunately, my equipment does not always feel the same way.  After nearly a month of shooting in the rain, my beloved 1dx Mk II decided to call it quits.  There is only so much weather-proofing one can build into a camera.  But before the camera died, I was able to capture a few pretty cool stories.

Below is a series from our single sunny day on the Peninsula.  I was shooting the new Osprey Transporter and was looking for some unique ways to show off the weather resistance and durability of the duffel.   A passing weather system opened opened the gates for some very dramatic light.  So we grabbed our boards and wet suits then high-tailed it to the beach.