Monumental Heist - Sierra Magazine

I am honored to have been granted the cover of the @sierraclub ‘s @sierramagazine sept/oct issue.  So many of of us have a tremendous amount of respect for this magnificent desert landscape and it still saddens me to know that an important layer of protection has been removed.  I have seen first hand the the toll that mineral and fossil fuel extraction has taken on this fragile landscape.  Just take a drive off the highway from Monticello and it won’t take long until you see ominous signage that reads ‘WARNING POISON GAS - H2S PRESENT.’ These are not signs that we should be seeing on public roads.  Roads that belong to US citizens aren’t safe to drive on because dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide may be present.  I know this goes without saying, but we shouldn’t need H2S detection equipment should not be required to enjoy our public lands.  Is it time to start seriously considering alternative energy sources, yet?