Osprey | A Pack For Every (Body)

Introducing Osprey’s New EXTENDED FIT (EF) Line 

Photos by Holz Media

For quite some time, Osprey has been pushing the envelope when it comes to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion. This has been apparent in their hiring practices, their marketing assets and now…their pack design. Hats off to the Osprey team for answering the call for a technical pack geared towards larger body types.

I’m honored that Osprey brought me on to help tell the story for such an important and revolutionary product launch.

Remember the old gender-biased phrase, shrink it and pink it that was once oh-so popular when it came to “designing” products for women?  Well, Osprey never fell into that trap. Instead, they lead the industry by designing packs specifically around female anatomy. This lead to more evenly distributed pack loads and a truly comfortable carry for most women. 

Osprey has taken the same methodology and applied it to their  Extended Fit line. These packs were designed with the direct feedback of field testers. Hipbelts, shoulder straps and pockets were all reworked so that the pack will fit a broader range of body types. Pretty cool, eh?

The shoot itself took place in Sonora, Mexico. Last year, I had the good fortune to spend half the year in the area with my family. I was able to take a pretty deep dive into all of the hidden gems the coastal state of Sonora has to offer. And made a bunch of friends who happen to look great on camera along the way! This made San Carlos the perfect location for this amazing project!

As much as I absolutely love to travel for work, I’m very excited about my next project which will be right here in the North Cascades with Good-To-Go Foods. Stay tuned!

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